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The Children of Ribe


The Children of Ribe is a Viking Saga for children bringing the culture and mythology of the Danish Vikings to life. The book series has been influenced by Enid Blyton, Arthur Ransome, Susan Cooper, J R R Tolkien and C. S. Lewis.

Based in Denmark during the time of the Vikings, these books are tales of magic and danger that are suitable for children from the ages of seven and up to read on their own but also perfect for people to read to children from the age of 4.

The Children of Ribe is a modern fairy tale that brings elements of Danish folklore and mythology to life mixed with elements of Viking culture. These books have been designed to help children with dyslexia to read. You can watch author C.S. Woolley talking about dyslexia and reading from FATE, book 1 in the Children of Ribe series here: https://youtu.be/EcnKLKa5c98

Whether you are interested in Vikings, studying them at school, or are simply shopping for the perfect gift for your favourite bookworm, the Children of Ribe series is just what you are looking for.


The Children of Ribe books have all been formatted to help encourage dyslexic children and reluctant readers to engage with books. The type space and font sizing are larger than in most books and the font has been chosen as it is much easier to read.


FATE: Book 1

Welcome to Denmark, home of the Vikings

When fate knocks at the door, it doesn't matter how old you are or whether you want to go on an adventure or not.

The town of Ribe is the home of four children whose lives are turned upside down when Dalla Ingeborgsdotter arrives in the town. The tales of the storyweavers are no longer just stories to be recited by the fireside and the long peace between the tribes of Denmark looks sure to be shattered.

Join Erland Kabelsen, Christian Andersen, Dalla Ingeborgsdotter, Eva Axeldatter, Riki Andersen and Wifrith the Wolf as they set out on a journey that will change their lives and save their people.


WAR: Book 2

War is coming.

The council of Jelling has begun.

With one of the arm rings of Yngvar found, the children of Ribe and their guardian beast, Wifrith, set out to find the remaining seven rings.

The warriors from Hedeby have not given up and are determined to find and kill the children of Ribe or face the wrath of their queen, Rena.

King Viggo Odinsen is summoned to the council to answer for his aggression towards the people of Ribe, and though the talks are peaceful, underneath the surface, war is brewing. The people of Ribe prepared to defend their homeland from the massing armies of the south.

But war is the furthest thing from the minds of Erland, Dalla, Christian, Eva and Riki as in order to find the second arm ring of Yngvar, the children have to face a dragon.



The Saga Continues.

The five children and their guardian beast are back in their latest adventure on the plains of Viking Denmark.

Still on the island of Fyn, the children find themselves separated by magic and fate. Will they find what the next arm ring of Yngvar on the islands or will the men of Hedeby finally catch up with them?

War has come to Ribe adding even more danger to path that Erland, Dalla, Eva, Christian and Riki walk and Eva is becoming more and more concerned over Wifrith's odd behaviour.


DOUBT: Book 4

Even in the most stalwart of hearts there is room for doubt.

Three of the arm rings have been found, but with the winter fast approaching, the Children of Ribe begin to believe that they won’t be able to find all the arm rings in time to stop King Viggo Odinsen.

Hope has abandoned those in the south of Jutland. There is no respite from the march of Viggo’s forces, but there is also doubt in the hearts of those that follow his lead.

Joas Ottarsen and Oleg Olegsen have forged new paths to walk and made a new enemy.

The Children of Ribe find themselves growing in number as their enemies gain more and more power.


SKANE: Book 5

Sometimes faith is all we have left.

The defences of Ribe look certain to fail as King Viggo Odinsen throws more and more of his warriors at the palisades that protect the town.

The children finally arrive on the island of Skåne, and find that the people that live in the wilds around Lund are far from friendly. With so many of them travelling together, it is harder to slip around unnoticed. Ciara has spies everywhere and is determined to discover all she can about the location of Dalla, no matter what it might mean for the quest to find the arm rings of Yngvar.

Erland, Dalla, Christian, Riki, Eva, Wifrith, Pieter, Beatrix, Camilla, Oleg and Joas have many dark days ahead of them and only their faith in each other will let them survive their trials



The worst things happen at sea

Being lost at sea is the worst thing that can happen to any sailor, but being shipwrecked on the islands of Lolland with no way to reach the other arm rings of Yngvar is the worst thing that could happen to the children of Ribe.

To make matters worse, the snows of winter have fallen, making any progress to their next destination virtually impossible. Strange sounds in the nights are making everyone nervous and none of the guardians of the arm rings of Yngvar know what is causing them.

Erland, Eva, Christian, Dalla, Riki, Joas, Oleg, Beatrix, Camila and Pieter are stranded with no idea of what to do next and not even the winter snows are holding back the tides of war.



FEAR: Book 7

Fear rises as courage fails.

Ribe has withstood all the attacks that the warriors of Hedeby and Schleswig can throw at them, but with the snows of winter set about the town, no help comes from the other towns of the Danes.

But the strength of King Viggo is failing. When victory seemed within his grasp, he is taken ill on the battlefield and the warriors withdraw. Cold, half-starved and deprived of their leader, the army at the gates of Ribe seems certain to retreat. Sibel, still a prisoner, discovers the secret of the arm ring that Viggo wears whilst the dangerous Queen Rena makes her move to seize full control of Hedeby.

Only Christian and Eva have yet to find their arm rings of Yngvar as the children reach the island of Sjœland. They know that one of the rings of Lolland is missing and know that in order to collect all eight; they will need to find the arm ring near Roskilde and return to fight Viggo and finally bring an end to war.


HOME: Book 8

There’s no place like home.

The Children of Ribe have found all but the last arm ring of Yngvar, an arm ring that everyone but Sibel thinks King Viggo Odinsen has. Eva Axeldatter is the only one who hasn't claimed an arm ring yet and time is running out for Wifrith.

It is time for the children to return home, to bring an end to the fighting and restore the peace between the tribes. But even with Ciara dead, there are still those who can stop the Children of Ribe as some people will stop at nothing when it comes to revenge.

Can Wifrith finally find redemption, and can Erland, Dalla, Eva, Christian, Riki, Pieter, Camila, Beatrix, Joas and Oleg defeat the darkness that threatens not just Ribe but all of the tribes of Denmark?


The Arm Rings of Yngvar Collection: Books 1 to 8

Welcome to Denmark, home of the Vikings When fate knocks at the door, it doesn't matter how old you are or whether you want to go on an adventure or not.
Join Erland Kabelsen, Christian Andersen, Dalla Ingeborgsdotter, Eva Axeldatter, Riki Andersen and Wifrith the Wolf as they set out on a journey that will change their lives and save their people.
This collection contains the first eight books in the Children of Ribe series that form the Arm Rings of Yngvar story arc. The titles including in the collection are FATE, WAR, WIFRITH, DOUBT, SKANE, SHIPWRECKED, FEAR and HOME.
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When loyalty is everything, treason is unforgiveable

The Dane lands have seen years of peace. The magic of the Arm Rings of Yngvar has kept the peace for twenty years, but now the actions of a few threaten to unravel the powerful magic that protects all life.

Join Erland, Eva,Christian, Dalla, Riki, Beatrix, Pieter, Camila, Joas, Ragnfrith, and Oleg asthey come together once more to avenge treason and set right the balance of power. In a land where honour, fealty and loyalty are prized more highly than anything else, and magic and myth still hold sway, their quest to set things right has never been more dangerous.


MURDER: Book 10

Something is rotten in the Holds of the Danelands.

The council ofJelling is broken, the king is dead and the most powerful women of the VikingHolds have been kidnapped.

The darkness from themountains continues to spread, but not just over Midgard. All of the ninerealms are threatened by this evil that has once again united the holders ofthe arm rings of Yngvar.

Join heroes of theDanelands and their guardian beasts as they travel across the Danelands withthe next generation of warriors to face the growing evil of the Berkonge andbring an end to his power before it engulfs them all.



Redemption comes in many forms

The Ljósálfar have been cut off from the rest of the nine realms and the Svartálfar are preparing for war. The darkness of the Bergkonge is spreading over the nine realms and only the heroes of the Danelands can stand against it.

The search continues for a cure for the sickness that plagues the great dragons, a quest that may heal more than just the illness that Thormar is suffering from. There are many paths that the Children of Ribe now walk and all of them are beset by danger. Join Eva, Christian, Dalla, Pieter, Oleg, Riki, Joas, Ragnfrith and the next generation of warriors as they strive to save the Danelands from the evil of the mountain king.

FATE Gift Set

Each gift set contains a copy of FATE, the silver-plated tin arm ring replica found in the book, an A3 colour map of the Danelands and a character greetings card with a personalised message from the author inside. For more information on the replica arm rings, please visit the separate listing.

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Arm Rings of Yngvar 8 Book Gift Set

The Children of Ribe Arm Rings of Yngvar Gift Set features Books 1 to 8 in the Children of Ribe series - all 8 books in the Arm Rings of Yngvar story arc - FATE, WAR, WIFRITH, DOUBT, SKANE, SHIPWRECKED, FEAR & HOME - as well as the A3 map of the Children of Ribe Daneland and a gift card with one of the six Children of Ribe images on it

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