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Shakespeare Simplified


Bassanio is a man in love, but in order to marry thewoman he loves he needs money. An unremitting debtor, he not only seeks tomarry the fair Portia of Belmont for love, but also for the vast wealth she hasinherited. But to marry the woman he loves, Bassanio needs money. Enter hiscousin, Antonio, a rich merchant of Venice. With all his money tied up in hislatest enterprises, Antonio has no money to give his kinsman, but he agrees totake out a loan to give Bassanio the money that he needs. The two men go to Shylock, a money lender and a man that hates Antonio with a passion. WithAntonio at his mercy, Shylock sees a chance for revenge that he doesn't intendto waste.

The Merchant of Venice is often seen as one of themore controversial Shakespearian plays due to the anti-Semitic attitudes thatsome of the characters hold. This Shakespearian masterpiece has been adaptedinto modern English by international bestselling author, C.S. Woolley,retaining the play format of the text, yet making it much easier to understandand digest the play bringing a deeper understanding and appreciation ofShakespeare.

Whether you arelooking for an easier way to read Shakespeare, are studying the play and arestruggling with the text or simply prefer modern English, this is the perfecttext for you.


The Merchant of Venice Modern English text is available as a stand alone text to read at your leisure or as part of an A4 workbook for Key Stage 3. This Shakespeare module has been designed to not only help children at Key Stage 3 to understand the text with this line by line modernisation but also has writing frames, grammar, comprehension and other tests after each scene and act to help bring children failing Key Stage 2 up to the Key Stage 3 level whilst still providing those passing Key Stage 2 with the tools to excel at Key Stage 3. These workbooks are avaialble seperately or as part of a module pack. The module pack also includes the Teacher's Guide which features the answers to the workbook questions. A Shakespearean Themes and Issues guide is set to be released in 2020 which covers each of Shakespeares plays and the sonnets. There are also workbook books and modernised texts planned for Key Stage 1 to 4 and include each of Shakespeare's works.