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By guest, Sep 29 2018 09:59PM

Tales of Viking children are a war on dyslexia and illiteracy with stories and myths to engage even the most reluctant readers

The mother of the Children of Ribe, C.S. Woolley, and her Viking Saga for children are striving to be more than just another author and book series.

The Children of Ribe is a book series that is gathering more and more acclaim and it has been especially effective at helping dyslexic children and reluctant readers to engage with literature. This isn’t to say that every reader loves the books or that there is suddenly a universal fix-all approach to dyslexia contained within each book, but it is hard to argue with results and the feedback that C.S. Woolley has been given.

“Hi hope you don’t mind a private message as after purchasing your book for my son Joshua he loved your little message, he started it today to read it to me and he said compared to his school books he said the lines don’t jump and the words don’t move around. I’m so grateful as I think this might be the break through into for him to enjoying reading without it feeling like a chore. He has been siting reading it on his own without prompting which hasn’t happened in years. He’s only up to chapter 2 but he is finding it good and likes the characters.”

“Hi I brought this book for my son last year and he has finally taken to reading it. He is a a dyslexic 9 Year old who hates reading. Until he decided to actually try this book we have had for 12 months. He had read this book independently and is on chapter 11! This is the 1st book he has ever read. Please tell me you have more that I can buy before he actually finishes this one! I have your biggest fan in the making I think.”

“My son's school have agreed for him to use these as his reading books. It's the 1st book he has ever read independently and voluntarily. He was so excited to get the 2nd and 3rd books."

"Treason ended on a cliff hanger and my daughter is eagerly awaiting Murder."

What is even more astounding is how much children can learn about the Vikings from these books, with the cultural and religious accuracy being fairly high throughout. Even the historical notes at the end of each book reveal more of the complex history on which this fiction is based. From how they fished and set up tents to the myths, monsters and even the 9 realms, you’d think this amount of detail would overwhelm adults, let alone children.

Yet, C.S. Woolley has wonderfully woven all of this information into a rich story that leaves kids learning without even realising it. The themes, issues and characters are all crafted to engage children and adults like tackling this from wanting to be treated like an adult, dealing with identity crises, the bonds between friends and family, rivalries, the effect of perspective of good and evil, the honour code, power struggles, manipulation, thinking for yourself even when it is unpopular, and feuds that grow out of insignificant instances, these books really do have it all.

The books (on the whole) also get gradually longer as the series progresses, so we decided to ask her why. "I wanted to begin with shorter books to help boost the confidence of dyslexia and reluctant readers when it comes to literature. The size of some books makes them look completely overwhelming. But with the Children of Ribe, I wanted every reader to feel like they could read the whole thing. Then make the next book a few pages longer so that they wouldn't realise that they were reading more until suddenly they are reading 400 pages with ease and though some of James Joyce's works may still be too much to cope with, they have had a whole new world of books to explore and enjoy."

With MURDER available on early release direct from the publisher and hitting bookshelves in paperback on 26th September and the eBook hitting digital stockist on 29th September, there has never been a better time to discover the Children of Ribe series.

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You can also follow C.S. Woolley - https://www.facebook.com/AuthorC.S.Woolley and The Children of Ribe - www.facebook.com/thechildrenofribe on Facebook.

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